What is the delivery time? Do I need to be at home?

We deliver with Bring – UPS – DHL in EU countries as well as Norway. Delivery time – EU countries + Norway: 2-6 days.

The stated delivery time is subject to the item being in stock when you order it.


Can the Airtrack be used outdoors?

Sure, you can use your Airtrack outdoors. Place the Airtrack on the lawn/terrace after removing pebbles and other sharp objects. We recommend that you place an underlay under your Airtrack, such as a blanket, felt, tarpaulin, etc.
Avoid leaving your Airtrack directly in the sun for an extended period of time, partly because you risk fading, and partly because the adhesive used is heat resistant up to 80 degrees Celsius, after which there is a risk of leaks.
We recommend storing the Airtrack after use and rolling it to its full width to keep it as nice as possible.
If you choose to leave your Airtrack outside at night, it is important to take out a good amount of air pressure so as to avoid overpressure when the sun and heat arrive the next day.
It is a good idea to put something over your Airtrack to avoid the occurrence of bird droppings, etc., which may penetrate the surface of your Airtrack.

Is there a warranty on an Airtrack?

There is a two-year guarantee and warranty on Airtracks and other accessories from Funtrax. The warranty covers damage that is not attributable to general wear and tear or improper handling and storage of the product.
It is important that you check your Airtrack for flaws as soon as you receive it. If you have questions or experience something that does not meet your expectations, please contact us immediately on (+45) 717 417 27 or info@funtrax.dk.

Does the Airtrack break easily?

The material used for the Airtrack is very durable and you would be very unlucky to see a hole in it.
If an accident should happen, a repair kit is always included, so you can easily patch the hole and it is ready to be jumped on again (see the leaflet in our user manual).
Do not jump directly onto the side where the valves are located as they may be damaged. There should be a distance of at least 20cm from the valve to where you jump.

Is it easy for children to handle the Airtrack themselves?

When we designed the Airtrack, we thought a lot about making it as easy as possible for children to handle it themselves. It comes in a bag with handles at both ends and on top, so you can easily lift it together.
We have decided to place the handles on the Airtrack itself to make it easy for a few people to lift it from one place to another when inflated. If you have purchased a larger Airtrack, we recommend using a cart/sack trolley, or something similar, to transport the Airtrack in order to avoid heavy lifting.
Our electric pump, which we recommend, is very user-friendly. It can inflate and deflate just by turning the tube around. It takes only a few minutes to inflate it and to deflate it again. For larger Home plus models and Pro, it takes a little longer.
It is easy for children to adjust the pressure themselves. We recommend that you inflate it well and firm, and then adjust the pressure by pushing the valve in and removing air until the desired firmness is achieved.